Discussions amongst fellow peers and instructors are essential to achieving success within a school environment. Having the ability to participate in different classroom activities is something teenagers who frequently stutter are forced to think about often. However, by establishing realistic goals, you will be able to speak more clearly and feel comfortable while doing so. 

School Speech Therapy

A majority of students prefer to hide the fact that they are in speech therapy as if they are embarrassed. However, you should never feel guilty about receiving extra help. Throughout the journey of speech therapy, while witnessing your speech improve you may become more willing to open up to others about your stutter. You will begin to build a connection with your speech therapist and it will help you accept the changes you begin making while speaking more fluently. 

Speaking in Class

There is nothing more stressful than being called out to read or answer a question in front of the entire class. We let our anxiety override our knowledge out of fear of stuttering. Not only do students typically shut down at this moment due to the fear of becoming blocked while reading, but students will shut down because of the reaction from their peers. You may find it beneficial to ask the instructor to give you extra time during class discussion to ensure you have ample amount of time to think and process. While it is hard to engage in classroom discussion when you anticipate stuttering, avoiding speaking up only increases anxiety and your stutter. Becoming comfortable with your stutter and speaking aloud anyway usually makes one feel better. 

The Instructor’s Role

Some students tend to prefer instructors that avoid bringing up their stutter, however others seem to appreciate the teachers’ concern. It can be extremely beneficial to discuss with your instructor about your problem so that the instructor knows that you are comfortable enough to speak with them about it. If you are taking advantage of speech therapy at school it could also be helpful to come together for group discussions to talk about progress and how to move forward within the classroom. 


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