SpeechEasy comes in four different model types so you can have the freedom to choose what works best with your lifestyle. During your first appointment with your SpeechEasy Provider, you will work together to help decide which one is most appropriate for you.
Similar in cost to many other treatment options, SpeechEasy ranges from $2500 to $4500 depending on the model chosen by you and your SpeechEasy Provider.

CF (Comfort Fit)

- Natural sound passage
- Reduced background noise
- Available for immediate purchase from Premier Providers

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CIC (Completely In Canal)

- Smallest fluency device available
- Very discreet

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ITC (In The Canal)

- Excellent price to size value
- Volume control easily accessible

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BTE (Behind The Ear)

- Very durable
- Great for those with dexterity issues

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In addition to the actual SpeechEasy device, you also receive the following:

  • A company that stands behind its products
  • A professional Provider support network
  • Helpful workbook guide and follow-up
  • Quality product accessories
  • Trial period and manufacturer warranty


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