• Is Stuttering a Disability?

    Many frequently ask “is stuttering a disability?” The CDC defines a disability as any condition of the body or mind that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities and interact with the world around them. Stuttering is classified as a neurological disability stemming from an underlying brain abnormality, […]

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  • How to Fix Stutter

    If you struggle with stuttering, you may find it challenging to conversate with others and wonder how to fix a stutter. You could find yourself repeatedly saying the same phrases or feeling as though they are caught in your throat. SpeechEasy offers stammering devices to help you overcome your stuttering disability. Our mission is to […]

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  • Famous Icons that have had Struggled with Stuttering in Adults

    There are many famous celebrities that have struggled with stuttering. There are plenty of famous icons that we look up to that have this fluency disorder. Stuttering is a neurological condition that occurs when someone repeats, extends or is unable to speak certain words, syllables, or sounds. SpeechEasy uses speech pathologist professionals and advanced technology […]

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  • Understanding a Fluency Disorder

    A fluency disorder is when a person consistently has issues with speaking. Someone who struggles with stuttering exhibits this. Speech disorders can occur in various ways, depending on the individual. One who struggles with stuttering encounters interruptions in their verbal flow. This might result in speech pauses, lengthier sounds, repeated words, and an odd conversation […]

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  • Benefits of Using a Stuttering Device When Applying for Jobs

    When entering the workforce, having a stutter may appear to be a drawback. However, due to the need to compensate for the disability, experts have found that individuals who stutter are incredibly driven and diligent workers. Stutterers are capable of achieving great success in any line of business. Individuals that stutter are recognized to be quick […]

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  • What is Psychogenic Stuttering?

    If you suffer from speech impediments like stutters or work with those who do, you may have heard the term “Psychogenic Stuttering.” Whether you’re the patient or the doctor, if you are working on a stutter, it’s important to understand psychogenic stuttering in order to properly treat it. From SpeechEasy anti-stuttering device makers, here is […]

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  • How To Be Confident When You Have a Stutter

    Many people with stutters struggle with confidence. Studies show that nearly 24% of children and a whopping 60% of adults with a stutter qualified as having social anxiety disorders as well. While having a stutter isn’t ideal, when it comes to being social with a stutter, it’s all about confidence! While you work on improving […]

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  • Public Speaking Tips For Students Who Stutter

    Simple face-to-face social interactions can be troublesome enough when living with a stutter, and being forced to speak in front of your entire class probably doesn’t make things any easier. Thankfully, there are some ways to help calm both your stutter and some of the underlying causes of your stutter. At SpeechEasy, we combine proven […]

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  • 3 Ways to Handle Bullies When Your Child Has A Stuttering Device

    School is back in session! While some students celebrate heading back to class, children who are bullied may not be so enthusiastic. One of the biggest reasons for bullying is having a disability like a stutter. Although stuttering occurs in both children and adults, it’s most commonly reported in children. Out of those children, as […]

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  • What is Speech Play?

    Speech play is a commonly effective method of speech therapy, most often utilized in children’s speech therapy. In addition to recommending a stuttering ear piece for those who face difficulties with speech, the experts at SpeechEasy recommend practicing different elements of speech therapy with your child to educate and encourage them in their speech journey. […]

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