• Stuttering in a Mans World

    Stuttering can happen to anyone. However, studies show that men are four times more likely to develop a stutter than women. These stutters can lead men to become self-conscious and suffer from threatened masculinity. This psychological and emotional trigger can cause long-lasting damage if not addressed. Using an anti stuttering device along with regular therapy, […]

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  • Trauma And Stuttering

    The effects of trauma can come in a variety of symptoms. For some, it’s a mental or emotional dilemma that causes everyday tasks to be difficult. For others, it’s strictly physical. However, in certain cases, a mixture of all of these issues can lead to a common issue: stuttering. Trauma-based stuttering is common and can […]

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  • Words and Sounds That Accelerate Stuttering

    While there are a variety of reasons that a stutter can develop in a person, the specific effects of the stutter can vary greatly among the affected. In most cases, different types of stutters find impediments when using specific words or sounds. Understanding whether it’s a vowel sound or consonant that can cause you to […]

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  • Facts About Stuttering

    In a world of misconceptions, the facts about stuttering are becoming increasingly difficult to decipher. A great deal has been said and assumed about what causes stuttering and who is most prone to stuttering. Factors such as age, gender, and more can be driving forces in a person’s stutter. Understanding the facts about these factors […]

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  • Famous People With A Stutter

    Stuttering is a common issue throughout the world. While stuttering isn’t often publicized in our society, some of our most beloved celebrities battle stutter in their personal lives. While you may have never known that certain celebrities have needed stuttering assistance in their professional lives, the following celebrities have openly shared their experience with the […]

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  • Is Stuttering a Disability?

    While stuttering is often an agreed-upon issue that requires human decency to handle, whether or not it is a disability is often a debated topic. Different organizations treat stuttering differently depending on the information they have on hand. However, the myths about stuttering, have at times overshadowed scientific research and accepted theories leading to an […]

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  • How Speech Therapy Devices Can Boost Child Confidence

    It’s no secret that speech disorders can hurt confidence, especially when in social settings such as school. When facing difficulties resulting from a speech disorder, a speech device can be a huge help. Children with speech disorders can have a difficult time learning and interacting within a classroom environment. With stuttering devices such as SpeechEasy, […]

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  • Remote Learning For Children With a Stutter: Tips For Parents

    While the pandemic is currently allowing students to remain in classes, the threat to have in-person learning is still present. With that being the case, SpeechEasy wants to share remote learning tips to help your child enhance their learning experience from home. Learning from home and stuttering therapy can be done, and it can be […]

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  • Self-Guided Tips to Help Reduce Stuttering from SpeechEasy

    While speech coaching can be an extremely efficient and productive method to helping reduce a stutter or stammer, it may not always be enough. One of the drawbacks to a speech coach is their schedule. They may not be able to coach you when you are feeling less confident in a certain speech area, or […]

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  • The Gift of the Season: SpeechEasy Speech Device

    With Christmas just around the corner, the hustle and bustle of gift-giving has begun! When looking for presents, there’s usually one main question that comes to mind: what do they really want? For those with a stutter or stammer, we’ve got an idea as to what they might hope to see under the tree on […]

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  • Spring SpeechEasy savings: $650 off Comfort Fit and CIC devices!