• Controlling Your Stutter

    Controlling a stutter can be difficult, but with SpeechEasy it does not have to be. Speecheasy is a small device that looks like a hearing aid but works completely different. The device comes in different styles and is placed in your ear so you can hear yourself speaking at a slight delay. This delay causes […]

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  • Stuttering Devices for Parkinson’s

    If you or someone you know with Parkinson’s have trouble speaking, it may be time to look into SpeechEasy PD. This versatile earpiece device allows you to take control of your stuttering and finally be able to communicate more confidently with others. Easy to Use The SpeechEasy device looks like a hearing aid, but the […]

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  • SpeechEasy for Parkinson’s

    Do you currently have problems hearing and are having to deal with treating your personal hearing loss? Are you also tired of wearing the same old hearing aid that helps you achieve nothing? Hearing aids are the most common solution to treating hearing problems, but now there are a variety of options for people. How […]

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