• Delayed Auditory Feedback Speech Therapy

    Speech therapists often employ the delayed auditory feedback (DAF) method when working with patients with fluency issues like stuttering. This method involves delaying a person’s speech by a small amount, usually between 50 and 250 milliseconds. By changing their perception of their speech, this anti stuttering device delay can aid in the reduction of stuttering and other fluency problems. […]

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  • How to Stop Your Stutter

    Stuttering is an ageless condition. Whether you’re a child or a grown adult, a speech impediment can drastically influence your quality of life. Roughly three million Americans stutter, with them developing stutter between the ages of two and six. Here at SpeechEasy, we are often asked how to stop your stutter. While it’s possible to […]

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  • What is Motor Planning Speech Disorder?

    What is Motor Planning Speech Disorder? If your child shows signs of extreme stuttering, they may be suffering from a motor planning speech disorder. Now you might ask yourself, what is a motor planning speech disorder? No need to ponder any longer, our experts at SpeechEasy are here to help you understand the basics of […]

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  • Speech Articulation Disorder Guide

    Speech Articulation Disorder Guide Articulation is one of the most challenging aspects of early development. When children are first beginning to express their thoughts through words, many of them can struggle with properly formulating different phonemes. If your child is having excessive difficulty controlling or producing specific sounds, they could be experiencing speech articulation disorder. […]

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  • Speech Sound Disorder Guide

    Speech sound disorders refer to difficulties producing specific sounds or sound patterns correctly in speech. Diagnosis of speech sound disorders typically involves an evaluation by a speech-language pathologist. The staff at SpeechEasy are experts in identifying the different types of stuttering and speech disorders, while offering effective treatment options with lasting results. Let’s break down […]

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  • What is Psychogenic Stuttering?

    Psychogenic stuttering, also known as functional stuttering, is a type of stuttering that is caused by psychological or emotional factors rather than a physical speech disorder. SpeechEasy, the leading speech stuttering therapy provider, understands how speech disorders can impact the quality of one’s life. Let’s take a closer look at the causes and symptoms of […]

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  • Is Stuttering a Disability?

    Many frequently ask “is stuttering a disability?” The CDC defines a disability as any condition of the body or mind that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to do certain activities and interact with the world around them. Stuttering is classified as a neurological disability stemming from an underlying brain abnormality, […]

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  • How to Fix Stutter

    If you struggle with stuttering, you may find it challenging to conversate with others and wonder how to fix a stutter. You could find yourself repeatedly saying the same phrases or feeling as though they are caught in your throat. SpeechEasy offers stammering devices to help you overcome your stuttering disability. Our mission is to […]

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  • Famous Icons that have had Struggled with Stuttering in Adults

    There are many famous celebrities that have struggled with stuttering. There are plenty of famous icons that we look up to that have this fluency disorder. Stuttering is a neurological condition that occurs when someone repeats, extends or is unable to speak certain words, syllables, or sounds. SpeechEasy uses speech pathologist professionals and advanced technology […]

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  • Understanding a Fluency Disorder

    A fluency disorder is when a person consistently has issues with speaking. Someone who struggles with stuttering exhibits this. Speech disorders can occur in various ways, depending on the individual. One who struggles with stuttering encounters interruptions in their verbal flow. This might result in speech pauses, lengthier sounds, repeated words, and an odd conversation […]

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