• Trick or Treating Tips for Speech Impaired Kids

    As Halloween approaches, many parents want to ensure that their children have an enjoyable trick-or-treating time. For many people is difficult to understand the barriers a child who is still learning to talk has when it comes to social events such as Halloween. However, SpeechEasy speech devices suggest taking Halloween as an opportunity to practice […]

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  • Prepping for Midterm Presentations with Electronic Speech Devices

    It’s that time of the semester again, as we get closer to midterms, it’s normal to be nervous about your exams and presentations. When you have a speech disorder, doing a class presentation can seem intimidating. That’s why the team at SpeechEasy electronic speech devices wants to share four tips to gain confidence and have […]

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  • Get Holiday Ready with SpeechEasy!

    While the holidays might still be months away, they’ll be here before we know it. From dinner parties to early mornings with family, be ready for anything with SpeechEasy! Our electronic speech devices can help wearers overcome their stutter and speak more fluently. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you live […]

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  • Improve Speech Fluency in Your Children With These Tips

    A major milestone in any kid’s life is learning how to speak. Speaking is one way that we can communicate with each other and learn about the world around us. Starting out, it’s a little rough. Most of the “words” that kids say sound like jibberish, but as kids grow, their speech fluency does too! […]

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  • Mindful Practices to Help Your Stutter

    Stuttering is a speech disorder that can impact people of all ages. Most of those who stutter are children, and they tend to grow out of it when they become adults. However, 25% of those children retain their stutter through adulthood. It involves tripping over certain words, repeating syllables, sounds, or words, and interrupting themselves. […]

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  • Get Back to School Ready with SpeechEasy

    It’s Back to School season! This is a time when emotions of all kinds are running rampant, in both parents and kids. For some, this isn’t their first rodeo. However, there are some kids that are starting at new schools which can increase anxiety. The uncertainty of new teachers, classes, and classroom settings can be […]

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  • Tips to Articulate Your Words with Speech Aid Devices

    As we grow up, we add more and more words to our vocabulary. Through school and social interactions, we learn how to speak and talk to others in conversations. We also have some habits or tics when learning verbal communication, like stuttering, mispronouncing words, and tripping over our own tongues. This can cause miscommunication and, […]

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  • Prepping for a Presentation with SpeechEasy Electronic Fluency Devices

    Presentations are almost unavoidable in today’s modern world. We usually get started with presenting in grade school with Show and Tell. This helps us get comfortable talking in front of a group of people. However, most people never get used to presenting. It’s an evolutionary reflex to be nervous with all of those eyes on […]

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  • How to Make the Perfect Wedding Toast With a Stutter

    Planning a wedding can be a stressful time for everyone, but especially for those involved. As a member of the bridal party, the tasks can be slow at times, but once the big day arrives, there’s little time to take a breath. This is a day that’s been planned for months, even years at times. […]

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  • SpeechEasy’s Four Devices: Explained

    If you have a stutter, you aren’t alone. It’s common for children first learning to speak to stutter, but sometimes it can continue even after childhood. Most of the time, children will grow out of it after the age of 5 or 6. However, 25% of children continue to stutter after childhood. About 3 million¬†Americans […]

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