• Succeeding at Work with a Stutter

    When it comes time for a person who stutters to get a job, feelings of nervousness may begin to surface, but there is no reason to let your nerves take over. Stuttering at work can be a challenge, but it does not mean that you will not be able to communicate effectively on the job. […]

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  • Stuttering Modification Therapy

    For those who have a stutter, everyday interactions can be difficult, which is often frustrating. Stuttering modification therapy is a treatment option that helps people who stutter cope with these difficulties by teaching techniques that help them stutter “more easily.” It is theorized that by recognizing the stuttering and working with it, tension can be […]

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  • What You May Not Know About Stuttering

    If your child has started stuttering, many parents’ first instinct is to visit the pediatrician’s office to discuss the issue. Some pediatricians may be misinformed, telling parents that the child will grow out of it or that they need to wait and see. Here’s what parents really need to know about stuttering: Not All Children […]

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  • Questions to Ask the Speech Therapist

    When it comes to stuttering, treatment is very different than that of other speech therapies. It is important to work with a therapist who has specialized training and experience. As a parent of a child who stutters, do your research, ask other parents and professionals for referrals, and speak with several therapists before choosing one. […]

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  • Helping a Child Who Stutters

    When you have a child who stutters, are a teacher of a student who stutters, etc., you may wonder how best to support them. Here are a few tips recommended by the National Stuttering Association: Listen to Your Child Listen to the message your child is trying to get across rather than their stuttering. Refrain […]

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  • What Employers Should Know About People Who Stutter

    There are many misconceptions that come along with stuttering, especially in the workplace. Employers may overlook the potential of people who stutter due to the negative stereotypes that may be associated with stuttering. Here’s what employers should know when it comes to interviewing or hiring someone who stutters: Stuttering is Variable The severity of stuttering […]

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  • Alternative Treatments for Stuttering

    Although there is no cure for stuttering, alternative treatments are very popular on the internet. Some may be helpful, but others are simply a scam. If you are searching for alternative treatment besides speech therapy, be sure to view them with healthy skepticism. A survey conducted by the National Stuttering Association in 2002 showed that […]

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  • The Choral Effect

    Speech is the process of producing specific sounds that convey meaning to the listener. A speech disorder refers to any condition that affects a person’s ability to produce sounds that create these words. Up to 8 million people in the United States have some form of language impairment, including over 3 million Americans who stutter […]

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  • Mindfulness Meditation to Help in Your Stuttering Journey

    Stuttering is considered to be a speech disorder in which people may repeat or prolong sounds, syllables, or words. Approximately 5-10% of all children will experience stuttering at some point in their lives. However, most will outgrow this within a few months or even years. For children whose stuttering persists into their adulthood lives, you […]

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  • To-Do List for Parents of Children Who Stutter

    If your child is exhibiting signs of stuttering, there is no need to panic. There are many things that you and your child both can do to increase their chances of successful speech development. Here are a few ways to start: Educate Yourself You will be able to make informed decisions for your child if […]

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