• The Best Toy Options For Speech Delayed Children

    There are thousands of toys on the market today and it can be difficult to tell which ones would be able to aid my child in their speech development. Every child develops differently, but here are some tips on what to look for when purchasing toys for your little one. 1 – Don’t purchase toys […]

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  • Get Siblings Involved In Your Child’s Therapy

    Meeting with a speech pathologist is a great way to help your child’s speech development. When you have multiple children, they may not understand why their sibling is having therapy sessions and they aren’t. They may begin to feel excluded, so incorporating them in therapy sessions can have some great benefits. A Great Role Model […]

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  • Speech & Hearing Development Milestones

    The first few months of a child’s development can have impacts on their speech later on in life. As a parent, you may be questioning if there is a problem arising in my child’s speech. This may be the case, so it is important for parents to learn about the speech milestones and when they […]

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  • What Is Speech Fluency?

    Speech Fluency is a term used in Speech Pathology that describes sounds, syllables, words and phrases when joined together. There are various forms of fluency, whether referred to speaking another language, reading, or singing. Speech fluency adheres to an individual’s ability to speak smoothly and easily. Fluency Disorders Fluency disorders refer to a category of […]

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  • Causes & Remedies For Stuttering Toddlers

    What is Stuttering Stuttering, or disfluency, is nothing more than a disruption of the normal patterns of speech. Stuttering can take many forms, including the repetition of a sound, the prolonging of certain noises, or an omission can occur in the form of a stop. These are common for children between 2 to 5. Causes […]

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  • Facts About Speech-Language-Hearing Disorders in the U.S.

    Speech-Language Disorders When people think about speech and language they probably associate the two with talking. Although both are centered around communication, they have very different definitions. Speech is defined as the way we say sounds and words. Language is defined as the words we use to share our thoughts and ideas. When a problem […]

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  • The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

    The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) currently has 198,000 members nationwide. These members range from audiologists, speech-language pathologists, scientists, and students. These members work together to provide effective communication to all. The organization supports its members through research, advanced science, and high standards.   The Organization’s History The ASHA was founded in 1925 in New York […]

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  • World Hearing Day is Coming Up

    On March 3 of every year, the World Health Organization holds “World Hearing Day”. This day brings awareness to the importance of ear care, and how to prevent deafness and hearing loss. Every year a theme is decided for the holiday and posters, banners and other infographics are made. Activities and events are held in […]

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  • Stuttering & Social Anxiety Disorder

    Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by involuntary disruptions to speech which impede the capacity to communicate effectively. The best way to treat stuttering is to tackle the problem at the earliest point possible. The disorder becomes less traceable and far less responsive to treatment during the school years, and by adulthood, stuttering is often […]

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  • When to Get Help for Your Child

    If your child stutters, it can affect their confidence when speaking with others. You should think about getting help from a speech-language pathologist, or SLP, as early as possible. Attending to the problem early can help reduce the chances that your child will continue stuttering. You should contact an SLP if any of the following […]

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