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  • “The SpeechEasy device has definitely given me the confidence I needed in situations that I need or want to come forward and speak out. My whole life prior, these situations have been avoided where possible. My family, friends, and co-workers have all noticed and commended on my success. I have wanted to be a police officer my whole life but, never pursued it due to the public constant speaking I knew would be involved. Two weeks after getting my device I fulfilled a dream and went through the sheriff's office training academy and graduated amongst those at the top. I have been a part time Sullivan County Deputy Sheriff now for 5 months and my life is a new one!”

    Daniel O.

  • “As a student at Clemson University in the Architectural program, I have to make many presentations explaining my projects. The SpeechEasy has made these speeches easier and given me the confidence I needed. This year I was even awarded the top architectural award for the sophomore class!”

    Edward J.

  • “As a speech pathologist who stutters, I am in a unique position to assess SpeechEasy's life-changing effects. For more than twenty years, I used conventional forms of fluency therapy to help control my speech. But for a variety of reasons, the effectiveness of such therapy began to diminish over the past couple of years.
    When I first heard about the SpeechEasy device I was so impressed that I flew to Greenville, North Carolina to learn first hand from the inventors how the device works. Within a few seconds of having the device in my ear, my fluency surged. I was speaking fluently without having to monitor my speech. If I experienced a block, I would momentarily hold the sound, and SpeechEasy's acoustic inhibition would kick in to enable me to release the word!
    While the benefits are significant, it's important to remember that SpeechEasy is not a cure. There's a lot of conditioning that goes into using a device that essentially tries to trick the motor system. I've been using SpeechEasy for more than two years, and I'm getting better and better at enhancing it's effects in those 'difficult' situations.“

    Cliff G.

  • “Before I got my SpeechEasy, I was working in dead end jobs and was never satisfied. Prior to actually getting my device, I enrolled in an EMT course for the volunteer fire department that I am on. About halfway through the course, I found out about the device and decided to try it. My goals in the EMT class were not for employment in the field, but for better patient care in our first responder program. After receiving my device, I decided that I would go to work in the field and am now employed as an EMT with a local ambulance service. I could never do this job without the device. Communication is a huge part of my job. I have to be able to communicate with our dispatcher, and other agencies on the radio and also communicate with patients in our care. Without the SpeechEasy, this career would not be an option for me. Thank you so much.”

    Henry M.

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