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Client Comments

  • The evaluation was very positive and informative. My sister, who is an RN, was with me and we were both impressed. I spoke louder, slower and I was able to enunciate better. I was also able to be understood much better over the phone. The SpeechEasyPD will benefit me by giving me back part of my life. You don't realize how important communication is until it is gone. I will be able to talk to my kids and 3 grandchildren. I hope my experience can help others.

    James, WI

  • “My speech is more understandable using the device. I thought the voice in my ear would be distracting, but I found out it was not bothersome”

    Dan, FL

  • “Not only was the fluency of my speech improved as well as my ability to complete full sentences, but the volume of my speech was considerably louder. This combined improvement provided an invaluable level of comfort such that I felt for the first time in a very long period of time that I could articulate myself again, which helps not only with my speaking issues but also my emotional issues and overall level of confidence.”

    Barry, PA

  • “I immediately felt positive effects from using the SpeechEasyPD. I felt like I could speak almost normally! I made 3 phone calls while wearing the SpeechEasyPD. I never had to repeat myself and all speaking trials with the SpeechEasyPD were positive. When on the phone, this device would make me feel more positive. Currently I am not being understood as I get asked the same questions multiple times. It would also benefit me in social conversation where I currently tend to shy away from speaking.”

    Christopher, MO

Excerpts from SpeechEasyPD evaluation reports:

  • “The most notable effect of the SpeechEasy on John’s speech was an immediate reduction in rate. This was accompanied by greater fluency (virtually no stuttering in oral reading and conversational speech), and improved voice quality, evidenced by louder volume, lower pitch and fewer high voice breaks.”

  • “The intelligibility of Dan’s oral reading improved to 90% level, while the clarity of his spontaneous/conversational speech increased to 75-85%. The patient and his wife very enthusiastically noted this increase in Dan’s speech precision.”

  • “… there was an immediate and significant decrease in the level of disfluency during both reading and speaking tasks as well as a significant increase in intelligibility up to 94%. Vocal volume improved when the volume level of the SpeechEasyPD was increase to level 7.”

  • “SpeechEasyPD benefits are very apparent. Specifically, the patient is spontaneously producing speech and voice more clearly and audibly without as much volitional control necessary.”

  • “The device reduced both his quantity of dysfluencies and the quality of his dysfluencies. He was much less tense and the dysfluencies were not as long in duration. He was quite surprised by the change he felt and commented on it 'this is quite amazing'.”

  • “The patient liked the results obtained with 70 DAF setting. The SpeechEasyPD device was programmed with those settings, and he went on his own to try the device while having lunch and making phone calls to his wife and friends. After this trial use of the device, he concluded his speech was significantly improved – rate was slower and people did not have difficulty understanding him. He communicated enthusiasm for the SpeechEasyPD device and was eager to obtain one.”

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