Meeting with a speech pathologist is a great way to help your child’s speech development. When you have multiple children, they may not understand why their sibling is having therapy sessions and they aren’t. They may begin to feel excluded, so incorporating them in therapy sessions can have some great benefits.

A Great Role Model

When working with a child on their speech development, they are often focusing on things like using longer sentences or practicing specific words. When a sibling is involved they can act as a model for the speech. Having a sibling say a sentence and have the child repeat them can make a therapy session easier, because they are very comfortable with the sibling.

They Can Set Goals

Your children spend a lot of time together, so they know each other very well. Siblings can help the therapist pinpoint exactly what the child has problems with. Children are very honest, so they will tell the therapist words their sibling has trouble saying, or times when they aren’t speaking loud enough. This information can structure further therapy sessions to set goals and make sure your child is getting the right instruction needed.

Practice Outside of Therapy

Siblings are very comfortable together, so they make a great person to practice with. There is no judgement between siblings, so your child will feel comfortable practicing their speech conversations at home. When your children are in therapy sessions together, the therapist can talk to your children and tell them what kind of things to practice when they are at home. When your children are playing or sitting at the dinner table they can work on their goals.

How Can Speech Easy Help?

Having a sibling involved in therapy sessions can be very motivating. Your child can see how their siblings are and strive to improve their speech. Having a sibling in therapy sessions can be calming, and make the overall experience more comfortable. Not only does involving siblings in therapy make them feel included, but it aids your child in their speech goals. Speech Easy strives to help with their anti-stuttering devices. By the age of eight children are eligible for a Speech Easy device. If you are interested in more information, visit us online or in store today.


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