Preparing for a presentation is typically nerve-wracking for everyone, but those who stutter may be particularly anxious about speaking in front of a large crowd. Here are a few pointers on how to give a successful presentation:


Although stuttering is considered a communication disorder, it does not mean that those who stutter cannot communicate as effectively as those who do not stutter. Good communication skills include more than just speaking, too. It includes body language, eye contact, tone of voice, etc. It is important to use these techniques in a way that reflects your personality and gets your point across efficiently. As for all presentations, try your best not to sound like you are reading off a page. Let your voice fluctuate naturally and express yourself through hand motions. You can also use videos or visual aids to communicate your objectives to the audience. Communication is not limited to only speech.

Disclose Your Stutter

If you are comfortable in doing so, it can be helpful to disclose your stutter before your presentation. It is a good way to break the ice and may even relieve you of the nervousness you might be feeling. If you are not yet comfortable talking openly about your stutter, that is okay too. We recommend finding a chapter of the National Stuttering Association to bring you closer to feeling more comfortable with your stutter.

Keep Your Head Up

If there are times when your stutter makes itself known during your presentation, don’t let it get you down. When this happens, acknowledge the situation and stay in good spirits. This will make both you and your audience feel more comfortable and at ease. If you are the humorous type, you can even spin it into a joke.

Consider Your Audience

When speaking in front of a crowd, think of yourself as a facilitator rather than a speaker. In other words, you are passing along information that the audience is there to learn. The audience should be focusing more on the information rather than the person. You can even take yourself out of the spotlight for a moment by encouraging group or partner discussions.

We hope that these tips will give you a boost of confidence the next time you are speaking in front of a crowd.


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