Stammering is also known as stuttering. It is a common issue in children and can continue into adulthood. The severity of the stuttering varies from person to person. It usually becomes apparent when a child is learning to speak, between the ages of two and five. Stuttering may develop gradually, but sometimes it starts suddenly in a child who has been speaking well.

Symptoms of Stuttering/Stammering

  • Repeating certain words, syllables or words when speaking, such as “p-p-p-people” instead of “people.”
  • Prolonging certain sounds and not being able to move to the next sound, like “mmmmmmmilk.”
  • Words get stuck or do not come out at all
  • Using “filler” words like, “um” and “ah”
  • Avoiding eye contact when struggling with sounds or words

Types of Stuttering/Stammering

Developmental – This is the most common type of stuttering. It occurs in early childhood when speech and language skills are developing rapidly

Acquired or Late-Onset – This is rarer and occurs in older children and adults as a result of a head injury, stroke, or a neurological condition. It can be caused by certain drugs or medication, or psychological or emotional trauma.

Speech Development

The development of speech is a complex process that involves communication between different areas of the brain and between the brain and the muscles responsible for breathing and speaking.

Talking problems can occur if some parts of the developing system are not sufficiently coordinated.

As the brain continues to develop, some of these problems resolve or the brain is able to compensate. This why many children can “grow out” of stammering.


Speech therapy can help people who stutter learn to speak more easily. Diagnosing the problem at an early age can help improve or reduce stammering. When working with a speech therapist, it is important to create an environment where your child feels more relaxed and confident when talking.

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