Searching for a job for any individual is difficult. From having to find the right job that fits your experience, to the work that you will be doing, to thinking about external factors as well. Those who stutter are faced with a difficult task of having to go through various interviews. Employers who dismiss candidates for employment could be losing an opportunity to hire hard-working, dedicated employees.

Initial Interviews

Right from the beginning, stutterers are challenged with an initial interview. This is a stressful situation for all individuals, but more so for those who stutter. For employers, it is important to listen to what the applicant says, instead of how they say it. Although the applicant may struggle with stuttering, it is important to see the potential of the person interviewing for the position.


On the other side of the spectrum, stutterers also need to be up front with their employers. It is important to speak with employers about how stuttering will affect their work. Being transparent about your stuttering issue with your employer leads to a more comfortable workplace. Choosing to hide stuttering can put yourself under a lot of pressure and also limit your work productivity. It is best to be honest with your employer and show your workplace potential.


Those who stutter perform successfully in a range of jobs including those that require extensive communication skills. Sales, medicine, and public relations are among a few of these professions. People who stutter should not be shunned by employers due to their speech implications. Employers who choose to not hire people who stutter may be losing the opportunity to hire a hard-working individual for their team.  


Stuttering can become present from multiple reasons. Genetics and outside factors can all play a role in developing a stutter. Each kind of stuttering can be diagnosed by a speech language pathologist, and the right therapy can be administered to find a resolution. Speech therapy can not only help to resolve the speech disorder, but also improve the person’s self-esteem. Along with therapy, a anti-stuttering device from Speech Easy can help. To learn more about SpeechEasy anti-stuttering devices, visit us online or call to schedule an appointment today.


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