The National Stuttering Association (NSA) was established in 1977 in California by Bob Goldman and Michael Sugarman. Their goal was to reach out to the community to spread the word about stuttering through newspapers, radio and television. Today the NSA has around 200 local support groups to help their community.

What Does The NSA Do?

The goal of the NSA is to empower those of all ages who live with a stutter. A support group provides a safe space for those to find others just like them. They run educational programs, family programs, advocacy and outreach. They hold fundraisers and events to raise money for research in hopes to find the cause and cure for stuttering.

How Can I Benefit From a Support Group?

The NSA was founded to support the stuttering community and spread awareness. You may think you know how to live with your stutter, so why would I need a support group? The NSA’s chapters are active in almost every state and are available for adults, children and families. Visiting your local chapter can introduce you to so many people and learn things about your stutter you weren’t aware of. A support group teaches therapeutic techniques and speaking exercises while also connecting you to others. It provides an open space to share your fears, difficulties, and triumphs, so you can learn from others and create bonds over similar experiences.

The local chapters support more than just those who stutter. There are workshops for families, teachers, speech therapists and anyone else who would like to learn effective strategies for working with those who stutter. We can help you find the right Speech Language Pathologist or clinician who can give you the help you need. There are over three million Americans who participate in our support groups, and we are proud to educate, motivate and inspire them.


For over 40 years the NSA has been helping people who stutter, their families and community. We continue to move forward and grow our mission and programs. If you are interested in learning more about the NSA and want to find a local chapter, visit them online today!


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