Presentations are almost unavoidable in today’s modern world. We usually get started with presenting in grade school with Show and Tell. This helps us get comfortable talking in front of a group of people. However, most people never get used to presenting. It’s an evolutionary reflex to be nervous with all of those eyes on you, and it’s not a bad thing! Sometimes, presenting can cause us to stutter more, especially if we already do so. SpeechEasy’s electronic fluency devices can help with this! These tips can help ease your nerves on the big day.

Practice Your Presentation Multiple Times

When you go into your presentation, it’s important to have practiced beforehand, even if you’re relatively knowledgeable about the subject. There could be a mishap with the computer and you could have to improvise. It can also help to ease nerves. Most likely, you’ll already be nervous standing in front of the audience, why add to that anxiety with a presentation you barely know?

Practice how you’ll be presenting (if you’re going to be standing at the venue, stand while you practice, and wear one of your electronic fluency devices if you plan on presenting with one) and start by just reading your slides and “presenting them” to your computer. Then, stand in front of your mirror and present a few times. Once you have this down, you can try presenting in front of family, friends, or a small group of people that you’re already comfortable with. Practicing can also help if you have one of SpeechEasy’s electronic fluency devices. It’s important to practice weeding out your nervous tics too, like using filler words or fidgeting with your hands.

Pick Out What You’re Going to Wear the Day Before

One way to reduce anxiety on the day of your presentation is to leave early and be prepared. You can pick out your clothes, accessories, props (if you’re using any), and anything else you’ll need the day or two before. This can help you save time on the day and give your brain a break. Make sure your laptop is charged, you have your charging cable(s), and your electronic fluency devices have full batteries.

Eat a Good Meal Beforehand

Anxiety can cause stomach aches and indigestion, so try to eat foods that are light and won’t upset your stomach. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and salads are great foods to eat before your speech. Try to avoid dairy, uncooked meat or seafood, and too much sugar, as these can cause sickness or stomach pain.

SpeechEasy | Electronic Fluency Devices

While these tips can help with stage fright, there still might be a few anxious tics left over. SpeechEasy’s electronic fluency devices are sleek, modern, and proven to help with stuttering. Coming in four different model types, you have the freedom to choose what works best for you and your lifestyle. Make an appointment with one of our professionals today!

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