As humans, even the most outgoing of us become nervous while public speaking. It can range from slight nervousness to paralyzing panic. But for those who stutter, the fear of public speaking can be amplified by their anxiety about stuttering. Most people try to avoid public speaking situations altogether, but with persistence and the right preparation, anyone is capable of public speaking. 

Be Prepared 

The idea of standing up in front of a crowd with something to say can be extremely overwhelming and exhausting. No one tells you that the people who make presenting look easy are almost always prepared. Delivering a presentation on stage is almost a planned conversation. You, the stutterer has the entire floor, the crowd’s eyes are on you, and most importantly you are in control. Constantly reminding yourself that you are in control of the speaking situation can free stutterers from the fear of the unknown. 

Advertise Your Stutter

Instead of constantly trying to hide your stutter, it can be extremely beneficial to start every presentation off by first mentioning your stutter. Those who stutter know that stuttering occurs as a result of not trying to stutter. By focusing too heavily on your mental and physical energy to not stutter it only heightens your anxiety and ultimately makes it worse. Mentioning your stutter from the beginning not only disarms the audience, but it allows you to feel comfortable and at peace within your stutter while presenting. 

Remember the Audience Wants to Hear You

While engaging in public speaking it can be easy to forget that every single person in the audience wants the talk to go well as they are there to listen to you. Everyone wants the next 10 or 20 minutes of their life to be interesting or inspirational as that is why they are there in the first place. It is important to remember that the audience will recognize the importance of your presentation. They are not there to laugh at you, but instead they understand your bravery and courage to speak in front of a large crowd while stuttering, otherwise you wouldn’t feel as if it were necessary to present in the first place. 


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