Public speaking can be a gigantic step for someone who stutters. It can already be scary speaking to strangers in everyday situations, but imagine standing in front of hundreds, maybe even thousands of them. However, it doesn’t always have to be a huge crowd. Your version of public speaking may occur at work during a meeting, in class in front of your colleagues, or when making a toast for a friend at a wedding. Regardless of where your public speaking occurs, here are some ways to make your voice heard:

Say Yes

If you are asked to do some public speaking, say yes before you can even consider saying no. You were asked to speak because others want to hear what you have to say! It will also give you more practice, so you will feel more and more comfortable with it each time the opportunity arises.

Be Prepared

When you watch and listen to public speakers, most make it look so easy. Little did you know, they are likely very well prepared, having practiced and practiced until they got it right. This goes for both stutterers and non-stutterers! But if you think too hard about your stutter, you may forget about everything else you should be doing when speaking in front of a large crowd. Don’t lose your personality!

Use Slides

Reading aloud can be another struggle for those who stutter. Slides are a great prompt because you can structure and break down what you have to say, using visuals to guide you through it. It may help to begin by writing out what you plan to say while you are practicing, relating each point to a photo. After you have practiced plenty, the picture will spark the memory of what you need to say. If there is a particularly tough phrase, put it up on the slide as a reference for your audience to see.

Keep Going

It may seem like there aren’t many public speakers who stutter. This may make it feel tough to allow yourself to stutter during your speeches, but it is okay! Everyone in the audience is there to support you. Keep this in mind for the duration of your speech; it may help calm your nerves and help the speech go more smoothly!


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