When it comes to stuttering, treatment is very different than that of other speech therapies. It is important to work with a therapist who has specialized training and experience. As a parent of a child who stutters, do your research, ask other parents and professionals for referrals, and speak with several therapists before choosing one. Here are a few basic questions that you should ask before choosing a speech therapist:

How Will You Choose A Therapy Approach for My Child?

There are many possible forms of stuttering therapy. Experienced therapists develop individualized therapy based on the unique needs of each case. You should be well-informed of the therapy approach that will be implemented with your child as well as the rationales behind it. Effective treatment will encourage the child to speak freely without tension or fear. Too large of an emphasis on fluency may end up causing the child to feel pressured, therefore creating more struggle.

What Will My Family’s Role Be in Treatment?

Parents should always be involved in their child’s therapy. Keep in contact with your child’s therapist regularly. It is also helpful if the therapist includes other people in the child’s life, such as teachers or other professionals. A great therapist will provide specific strategies that parents can use to help their child as well as support for family members who may express confusion. 

What Can I Expect?

Starting therapy can raise many questions among parents. The therapist should provide you with a sense of how the frequency of therapy will be determined, what the goals of therapy will be, and how progress will be measured. While it may not be possible to determine how long your child will need to attend therapy sessions, the therapist should be able to provide reasonable expectations for progress. 


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