Stuttering is a common condition that causes difficulty in speaking fluently. SpeechEasy devices utilize the “choral effect,” in which your stutter is dramatically reduced or even eliminated when you speak or sing in unison with others. With the help of a SpeechEasy device, you can improve your stuttering tenfold. However, we also have some tips on how to avoid or reduce stuttering in everyday situations.

Focus on Breathing

Make a conscious effort to relax and breathe steadily before a social interaction. Deep breathing helps to reduce blood pressure, which also reduces anxiety. This can have a powerful effect on stuttering!

Slow Down

Speak slowly, and remember to pause between sentences and words. Speaking too quickly in order to complete your thoughts can cause you more anxiety and increase your rate of stuttering. Continue those deep breaths in order to keep your anxiety under control.

Avoid Certain Words

If you have a stutter, some words may be more difficult than others. Make a mental note of these words and come up with alternatives to avoid the stress of tripping over a word that you just can’t get right. You can also set time aside to practice these tricky words and improve your pronunciation.

Speak With Rhythm

Many people report that their stutter disappears when they sing, which is partly due to the smooth, controlled rhythm of singing. Practice implementing a slight rhythm when you speak; this may lead to improved speech fluency!

Visualize Interactions

When preparing for a presentation, public speech, or even just an everyday interaction, try to visualize your words before pronouncing them. This can help you feel more confident in your communication! Practicing is always a good option when preparing for prolonged speech.

Body Movements

If nervous energy is beginning to take over, channel that energy into your body movements rather than your speech. This may involve making slow movements or controlled gestures. People often use this technique when speaking in public.

Remember: relax, focus on your breathing, and speak slowly. These techniques will calm your nerves and assist in improving your speech. We hope that these strategies help you to manage your stutter and benefit you in your everyday life!


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