Stuttering affects over 70 million people all over the world. If you are one of those 70 million people, you may be considering treatment. Treatment typically works best for those who address their stutter at an early age, so parents of children who stutter should consider bringing their child to see a speech therapist if their stutter has occurred for 3-6 months, if they show signs of struggling when speaking, or if there is a family history of stuttering or other communication disorders. Treatment may not stop stuttering completely, but it can be helpful in boosting confidence, improving speech fluency, and helping the child participate in school and other social settings. Treatment for stuttering can include:

Speech Therapy

Speech therapists are certified to help people slow their speech, work on fluid speech patterns, and manage situations when their stuttering gets more intense. It is an effective treatment for both children and adults who stutter. Cognitive behavior therapy, a type of psychotherapy, can also be used to help people who stutter. It may involve relaxation techniques, humming, direct communication, and more. It can help those who stutter change their mindset about stuttering and reduce stuttering-related anxiety.

Electronic Devices

Electronic devices can be used by people who stutter to manage their speech and improve fluency. Some devices assist people in slowing their speech, while others mimic speech so it sounds like they are talking in unison with another person. According to the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, speaking in unison with another person may temporarily reduce stuttering. 


It is very important that parents, friends, and family support people who stutter by listening attentively, avoiding interrupting and correcting, and speaking deliberately. They should refrain from completing words or phrases and avoid phrases like “slow down” or “take your time.” At home, parents should minimize stress that can make stuttering worse. 


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