What is Speech Easy

SpeechEasy is a device similar in appearance to a hearing aid. However, rather than amplifying sound, SpeechEasy alters sounds that go through the device so that you hear your voice at a slight time delay and at a different pitch. The purpose of the delay and pitch change is to recreate a natural phenomenon known as the “choral effect.” The choral effect occurs when your stutter is dramatically reduced or even eliminated when you speak or sing in unison with others. This choral effect has been well documented for decades and SpeechEasy utilizes it in a small, wearable device that can be used in everyday life.

Does Speech Easy Work

From the feedback of clinical trials in the infancy of SpeechEasy to various online review platforms, SpeechEasy continues to excel with its customers. Delivering on its promise to enable customers to take control of their fluency.

SpeechEasy Reviews

  • SpeechEasy – Speech Easy does an excellent job collecting reviews from customers, as well as documenting their customer’s journeys with video.
  • Casa Futura Technologies – Casa Futura Technologies is a technology for treating stuttering and Parkinson’s speech. The info in this link is informative; however, a little bit bias as some would consider the two companies competitors.
  • National Library of Medicine – Who better to lend an opinion on the effectiveness of SpeechEasy long term than the Library of medicine. This page delivers sound, foundational information for those seeking the results and data of SpeechEasy long term.
  • Stuttering Jack – Jack does a good job here delivering a play-by-play account of his interaction with the SpeechEasy devices.

The SpeechEasy community has grown to be worldwide; reviews of its products can be found throughout the web, based on all types of perspectives.

The best way to learn more about the effectiveness of a SpeechEasy device is to contact one of our providers or our offices directly. Discover SpeechEasy today and take control of your stuttering!

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