The first few months of a child’s development can have impacts on their speech later on in life. As a parent, you may be questioning if there is a problem arising in my child’s speech. This may be the case, so it is important for parents to learn about the speech milestones and when they occur. Between the infant stage to 36 months, your child should be reaching specific milestones as their language progresses.

0-12 Months

  • Your child should be able to respond to familiar voices by turning around/acknowledging the voice
  • They have recognition of name
  • Begin to respond to words
  • Using their own voice to entertain themselves through babbles and coos
  • Tries to imitate sounds
  • Begin to understand that voice has meaning

12-24 Months

  • Can follow simple commands and answer simple questions
  • Identifies pictures by names
  • Can listen to stories with pictures
  • Speak their first word
  • Can echo words
  • Beings to use words instead of gestures
  • Listens to songs

24-36 Months

  • Answers when their name is called
  • Understands 300-400 words
  • Can identify different noises and pictures
  • Can explain actions in pictures
  • Understands complex sentences and is able to repeat
  • Begins to use past tense and plurals

How Can Speech Easy Help?

If any of these milestones are unrecognizable for your child, have them evaluated. There’s no need to stress about anything, every child does develop differently. Having an evaluation done at a young age can have a great impact later on in life. Early intervention can produce the greatest benefits. Once your child meets with a Speech Language Pathologist, they may recommend a Speech Easy Device later on in life. Speech Easy recommends that children using their stuttering devices be at least eight years old. Speech Easy devices have helped a countless amount of people, so if you believe you or your child could benefits from one of our devices, visit us online to learn more.


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