For many children, stuttering comes at one point in their life and fades away. It can also be decreased with speech therapy and psychological support. Here are some stepping stones to begin helping your child overcome their stutter:

Teach Pausing

Pausing is a helpful technique for people who stutter. Teach your child to pause after the first word of every sentence, and then after every one, two, or three words. You may also teach them to pause after words, never in the middle of words. This helps to relax, thus decreasing the stutter.

Model As You Talk

Pausing and speaking slowly can easily be modeled by a parent, teacher, sibling, etc. When you ask a question slowly along with pauses, your child will tend to respond with pauses. It also makes it easier for your child to learn pausing.

Use Simple Language

It is encouraged to use simple language and short sentences when speaking to children. This helps them to feel more confident about speaking and using short sentences as well.

Play Speech Games

Incorporate speaking techniques, like pausing, into fun games. For example, play a game in which children have to explain or describe something, like a vocal game of charades, while implementing the pausing technique. Play “Go Fish” and make sure to elongate the words while speaking. This will help your child to practice their speech in a way that is fun and entertaining for them.

Teach Drinking From A Straw

Drinking from a straw requires the tongue to be in a position that is also optimal for speaking. This practice will help your child develop oral skills that may help with their stuttering.

These are strategies that can be taught to children via parents or teachers. The most important part of all is support and encouragement. Take the time to listen and be patient as your child works toward their goals.


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