Stuttering involves repeating or prolonging sounds, syllables, or words. Some symptoms may appear that are part of a child’s normal speech and language development. If the symptoms last for more than 6 months, started after age 3.5, has increased over time, or if there is a family history of stuttering, you may consider visiting a specialist. Here’s what you can expect in stuttering therapy for your child:

Stuttering Evaluation

Upon visiting with a speech-language pathologist, the SLP will conduct an evaluation to determine the presence and severity of a stuttering or fluency disorder. During the evaluation, the SLP may ask questions about risk factors that may predict the course of the stuttering. They will interact with and observe your child to assess their fluency and formulate recommendations for home programming or speech therapy. The speech therapist’s role in home programming is to aid in the creation of an environment that supports fluency and reduces demands that may be contributing factors. 

The Parent

As a parent, you will work with the speech therapist to help them understand how stuttering impacts your child’s life and how they function in daily settings. Home programming and monitoring may require you to monitor your child’s responses, track stuttering severity at home, and participate in recommended activities. In therapy with your child, you may participate in natural conversations with your child using identified strategies. These are designed to enhance fluency, improve communication skills, and increase the child’s confidence. 

The Child

The child will engage in activities led by the parent to promote a fluency-enhancing environment. It is important to focus on reducing fear, embarrassment, or shame that can be associated with stuttering. This may include watching videos or discussing feelings that surround stuttering. Speech activities may be used that are based upon the child’s needs. 


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