There are thousands of toys on the market today and it can be difficult to tell which ones would be able to aid my child in their speech development. Every child develops differently, but here are some tips on what to look for when purchasing toys for your little one.

1 – Don’t purchase toys that require batteries

When a toy requires batteries, they are usually needed so the toy will make noise. You want your child to make the noise on their own. If you already own toys with batteries, you can just take them out! Some exceptions are toys that require batteries to light up or display a picture.

2 – Pick traditional toys

Traditional toys have been around for decades, such as legos, cars, play food and dolls. All of these toys are silent, which encourages your child to use their imagination and create sounds on their own. 

3 – Get them outside and moving

Whether inside or outside, a child should be moving around. Inside you can have ride on toys and balls, or even just create a fort for them to tunnel through. Outside you can take them to a park, or in your backyard set up a water table with buckets, spoons or even tupperware. Having your child moving constantly can encourage independent play and creativity.

4 – Less is more

A child only needs a few toys. Having so many to choose from can become overwhelming, and they will just move from one to the other. When a child spends a lot of time with a toy they can begin to develop language opportunities. If you already have a lot of toys in your home, consider starting a toy rotation. This allows your child to still spend quality time with each toy.

5 – Not all “toys” are bought in the store

Creativity can spark conversation. Using items around the house like pots, wooden spoons and cardboard boxes bring out creativity and new ways to play. You can also get involved with your child, playing patty cake or peek-a-boo are a great, easy ways to play with your child while also encouraging communication.

How Can SpeechEasy Help?

Traditional methods aren’t always the best for your child. Try something new everyday and see what gets the best reaction out of your child. Allowing them to get creative and open their mind when they play is a great way to encourage communication. Speech Easy strives to help with their anti-stuttering devices. By the age of eight children are eligible for a Speech Easy device. If you are interested in more information, visit us online or in store today.


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