If your child is exhibiting signs of stuttering, there is no need to panic. There are many things that you and your child both can do to increase their chances of successful speech development. Here are a few ways to start:

Educate Yourself

You will be able to make informed decisions for your child if you get the facts about stuttering. Learn more about stuttering via the National Stuttering Association by visiting westutter.org. The NSA is also a great place to find support, friendship, and information about stuttering. 

Seek a Stuttering Specialist

There is no need to wait and see if your child will outgrow their stutter. The sooner your child gets an evaluation, the sooner they can get help. Contact a speech-language pathologist if you find yourself concerned about your child’s speech. Stuttering specialists have advanced training and clinical skills for working with people who stutter under their belt.

Respond Supportively

Some parents avoid drawing attention to their child’s stutter in fear that it will make it worse. However, talking about stuttering will not make it worse. Treat it as if it were any other difficulty a child may have when learning a skill. You should react in the same patient, supportive manner.

Reduce Demands

Speaking demands will arise more and more often as your child develops more advanced speech and language skills. Reduce your habit of demanding that your child speaks, such as saying things like “Tell your dad what you did today,” to decrease the pressure they may be feeling.

Listen to the Message

Always listen to the message your child is trying to get across rather than the way they are saying it. Refrain from filling in words, finishing sentences, or giving advice like “slow down.” You can encourage healthy communication skills by showing your child that what they are saying is more important than how they are saying it. 


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