A condition affecting millions of people around the world, individuals who stutter (also referred to as speech stammer), have access to a number of support networks online.

Whether you’re searching for information for yourself or a loved one, for speech pathologists, speech aid device providers, or a support group, you can find all of this and more in the following list of websites. These sites specifically focus on the U.S.; however, if you’re reading this in another country, there are numerous resources available internationally as well. Some of those sites are referenced on these sites.

National Stutter Association

The NSA is the largest non-profit organization in the world focused on providing support to individuals and loved ones of those who stutter. Through their network, they have over 200 local support groups for children and adults in the U.S. The NSA offers individual support while focusing on advocacy, research, and increasing public awareness. You can visit their site to access information on any of these issues, or search for a local chapter near you.


If you’re looking for resources or support for your child, the FRIENDS’ website provides useful information for parents, kids, teens, even teachers. FRIENDS hosts an annual convention once a year, as well as multiple one-day conventions throughout the country. While it primarily caters to children, it also provides support to university students and welcomes adults who stutter into their community as well, particularly those with an interest in mentoring.

The Stuttering Foundation

The Stuttering Foundation is another non-profit organization that has a load of free resources available on its website. They cater to individuals of all ages, as well as parents of children who stutter. On their resources page, you can access free e-books, videos, webinars, referral lists, blogs and much more.

The Journal of Stuttering Therapy, Advocacy and Research

Also referred to as JSTAR, this journal is a free online publication with writers that range from professionals providing speech therapy, to individuals who stutter, and others impacted by this speech disorder. Here you can learn much more about different types of therapeutic practices, methodologies, as well as personal first-hand experiences.


If you prefer audio resources, there are several podcasts that are created specifically for those who stutter and their loved ones. StutterTalk was the first podcast catering to stuttering, and it is also the longest running. It talks with individuals who stutter (including famous ones!), as well as therapists and researchers. There is also the Stuttering Is Cool podcast which is hosted by creator Daniele Rossi. He offers motivational talks to give individuals the tools to not let their stutter hold them back in life.

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