Have you ever witnessed a child or an adult struggling to pronounce a word or a phrase? Oftentimes, this means that they have a stutter. Stuttering can tend to feel like a burden for those who struggle with it, reducing confidence and sometimes causing them to distance themselves from their social lives.

What is Stuttering?

Stuttering is a speech disorder that shows significant problems with normal flow and fluency of speech. It is also called childhood-onset fluency disorder or stammering and affects speech frequently. A person who suffers from stuttering knows what they want to say, but they have difficulty saying it. People who suffer from this disorder usually repeat or prolong a syllable, vowel sound, consonant, or word. They may also pause during speech because they have reached a word they have difficulty pronouncing. While there are a few ways to reduce stuttering, such as therapy, an anti-stuttering device is considered the best option.

What is a Stuttering Device?

A stuttering device, also called an electronic speech device, is a device that improves the fluency of a person who stutters. These devices are similar in appearance to a hearing aid, but instead of amplifying the sound, they alter them so that the wearer can hear their voice at a slight time delay, as well as at a different pitch. The change in the delay and pitch of your sound recreates a natural phenomenon, which is commonly known as the “choral effect.”

When a person depends on an anti-stuttering device to correct stuttering, they experience a choral effect that occurs when the stutter is dramatically reduced or eliminated when they sing or speak in unison with others. The choral effect is well documented and utilized in speech therapy for decades. It is utilized in the electronic speech device that can be used by people suffering from stammering in everyday life. 

What are the Benefits of a Stuttering Device?

For decades, people have been suffering from speech disorders, which can cause difficulties in their social lives. People who stutter may experience embarrassment or lower levels of self-confidence. For years, speech therapy was the only solution that offered some relief. But thanks to technological intervention, the stuttering device was introduced as a solution that offered a lot of benefits.  

Some of the benefits of a stuttering device include the following:

  • It alters auditory feedback and reduces stuttering by 40% to 80% in reading tasks. 
  • It helps to verbally communicate with ease and increases efficiency
  • It is easy to wear, and it constantly helps to alter your speech
  • You will not need constant therapy
  • It evaluates the effects of stuttering and can be adjusted as you progress

A stuttering device evaluates your speech and helps you to maintain fluency. It is a great help to you if you have been suffering from a speech disorder such as stuttering.

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