When someone begins to slur their words it can be hard to understand. It may happen every once in a while, or it may begin to become more regular. Speech can become slow, and difficult to get the words that you want to say out. It can also become very fast, and hard to understand what is being said. It can be very soft and hard for others to hear, or extremely loud making others uncomfortable. These can occur individually or in a combination. Along with the sound and rate of speech, there may be a change to the facial muscles. There can be a loss of control over the lips, tongue, and face as well.

The Causes of Slurred Speech

There is a range of minor to severe effects that may be happening in the body. A major cause may be circulatory problems in the brain. A normal rate of blood supply is needed for the brain and body to function. An interference can be the root of the problem. If the brain is not getting the right amount of blood flow due to a blockage or a leak, actions such as speech can be affected. High blood pressure, heart attacks, exhaustion, concussions, and other brain injuries can all affect the brain. These effects on the brain create malfunctions, which may be what is causing a sudden change in speech.

The brain is the control center of the body, but it does not work alone. Nerves and muscles work with the brain for the body to function correctly. The brain uses the nerves to signal the muscles, and when there is an interference the muscles won’t move correctly, which is where a speech problem can occur. A common neurological illness is Dysarthria. The muscles in the face that move to create speech are affected, which can cause a weak or uncontrollable speech.

How To Help

Some symptoms are only temporary, but others can be long lasting. Speech is a very important daily activity, and something no one wants to live without. Communication with others is vital, and when problems occur, getting to a speech language pathologist is important. They can identify why you are having the speech problems, and what can be done to fix it. Speech therapy can help you learn how to cope with what is happening, and relearn how to use your muscles to create speech. A speech device from Speech Easy may also be recommended to aid your hearing and make it easier to communicate.

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