If your child has started stuttering, many parents’ first instinct is to visit the pediatrician’s office to discuss the issue. Some pediatricians may be misinformed, telling parents that the child will grow out of it or that they need to wait and see. Here’s what parents really need to know about stuttering:

Not All Children Grow Out Of It

Up to 80% of children between the ages of 2 and 5 will recover from childhood stuttering. However, about 20% of those children will not. Of that 20%, risk factors are typically present, including a family history of stuttering, delayed speech and language development, male gender, later age of onset, duration longer than 12 months, and more. A child is more likely to have persistent stuttering the longer they have been stuttering and the more risk factors they have.

There Is No Cure

People tend to have an idea that stuttering can be cured and fluency is achievable with a few stuttering therapy sessions. It is important to remember that every stuttering case is unique, so stuttering therapies may span a few sessions to weeks, months, or years.

Help is Recommended

It is recommended to seek help from a stuttering specialist if a child has been stuttering for more than 6 months. If the child continues to stutter, a stuttering specialist will ensure that the best support methods are put in place. Even if the stuttering does not persist, a stuttering specialist can help guide parents on how to implement fluency-enhancing communication.

Don’t Ignore It

If you notice your child struggling to speak due to their stutter, provide supportive language to talk about the experience. Let your child know that you are aware of their frustrations and that you understand with phrases such as, “Sometimes my words get stuck too. I know how frustrating that can feel.” This lets the child know that they are not alone and they can confide in you. They will also become aware that it is okay to talk about their stutter to others and advocate for themselves. 


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