On March 3 of every year, the World Health Organization holds “World Hearing Day”. This day brings awareness to the importance of ear care, and how to prevent deafness and hearing loss. Every year a theme is decided for the holiday and posters, banners and other infographics are made. Activities and events are held in countries all around the world, bringing awareness to hearing loss.


Who is the World Health Organization?

The World Health Organization was created on April 7, 1948, and operates in 150 countries worldwide with around 7,000 employees. They are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland and have six regional offices. Their main goal is to direct international health within the United Nations. They run a multilingual website so that everyone everywhere can have access to their resources. Their main goal is to work with countries to install a solid health care system. They want to make sure everyone around the world has access to affordable health care. The organization has a long list of employees ranging from health specialists, medical doctors, and scientists, as well as experts in finance, economics and health statistics. They also have emergency preparedness, so they can provide public health leadership around the world.


World Hearing Day 2019

It is estimated that there are 360 million people worldwide who are living with a hearing disability. It is very common for people to live with unidentified hearing loss, not even realizing they aren’t hearing certain words or sounds correctly. On average it takes a person seven years to begin to take action on their hearing loss. These statistics are the reason this year’s theme is “Check your hearing!”  This year they want to focus on early hearing loss prevention, using activities and learning materials that can be viewed worldwide.


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