Stuttering can develop in children at a young age, so they may get frustrated and not understand why they’re having trouble getting their words out. These five books can give them someone to relate to and help them understand.

  1. Ben Has Something to Say – Laurie Lears

The story follows a boy who has a stutter and is afraid to speak. He finally gets the courage to and finds out his stutter isn’t as important as he thought. This can show parents and teachers resources for children who stutter.

  1. Steggie’s Stutter – Jack Hughes

When children have a stutter, the other children around them may not understand and can interrupt them as they try to speak. This book follows Steggie the dinosaur who has a stutter, and her friends learn patience and allow her to finish her sentences. This book can give children something to relate to, and can teach their friends patience too.

  1. Wendi’s Magical Voice – Brit Kohls

Children who stutter may get nervous around other children. This book celebrates everyone’s differences as it follows Wendi the witch at her first day at Magic School.

  1. Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand – Artie Knapp

Stan the squirrel gets teased because of his stuttering, but he makes a new friend who shows him that everyone is different. Stan learns to stand up to his bullies, which can teach kids problem-solving skills and to treat everyone with kindness.

  1. When Oliver Speaks! – Kimberly Garvin &
    Saadiq Wicks

One of the authors, Saadiq, lives with a stutter and wrote this book at age 13. The main character Oliver is scared to give a presentation at school because he has a stutter. His mother teaches him to embrace his stutter and nail the assignment.


To learn more about stuttering and how to help your child cope with it, visit our website. Our team of licensed Speech Language Pathologists can help you understand the stutter, and how to live with it. If your child is over the age of eight, they may be eligible for one of our Speech Easy devices. Learn more on our website and call today for an appointment!


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