Here at SpeechEasy, we want all of our patients to know they are not alone in their respective speech disorders. This is why our program comes with a team of fluency professionals who truly care about the successes of our patients. SpeechEasy has helped thousands of people increase their ability to communicate effectively and confidently through the use of our anti-stuttering device. Beyond the point when patients initially purchase their devices from us, we are committed to advocating for them along the way as they strive to find speech fluency. Our desire is for all our patients to be able to speak freely and get assistance when needed from those around them. That’s why we’re here today sharing several ways you can advocate for people with speech disorders.

Be Patient 

People with speech disorders tend to take a little longer to process what the people around them are saying, so be patient with them. The SpeechEasy anti-stuttering device changes sound that goes through the device so that users hear their voice at a slight time delay. The purpose of the delay is to recreate a phenomenon known as the “choral effect” that has been proven to reduce stuttering. With that being said, it is not uncommon for people with speech disorders to experience a slight delay in communication and need more time to contribute to conversations.

When speaking with someone with a speech disorder, be mindful that they may ask you to repeat what you said one or more times. That’s okay! If they don’t understand you the first time, then try communicating your message differently.   

Give Feedback 

When you misunderstand someone with a speech disorder, one way to help them express themselves more effectively in the future is to provide them with constructive feedback in the moment. When we don’t understand what someone said, we will ask “What?” or “Excuse me?” These responses aren’t as helpful for people with speech disorders because they need specific feedback on what you didn’t understand. For instance, if the conversation is over lunch plans, say, “I heard you say you wanted to eat at noon, but where did you say you wanted to go?”

Raise Awareness 

One of the most effective ways to advocate for people with speech disorders is to educate yourself and the people around you. When you work with SpeechEasy, you can feel confident knowing you are working with ASHA certified Speech-Language Pathologists who are specially trained in helping clients who stutter. By fully understanding how our anti-stuttering device works, you can lead others with speech disorders toward a solution that will change their lives. 

SpeechEasy’s network of over 100 locations nationwide is prepared to connect our clients with professionals who will advocate for them for years down the road. Contact us today to work with a Provider to determine if SpeechEasy is right for you!

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