Strong communication skills are necessary for the majority of workplaces, but what if you have a speech disorder? At SpeechEasy, we never want your speech disorder to hinder your success which is why we offer our anti-stuttering device. SpeechEasy earpiece for stuttering has assisted thousands of individuals with their ability to communicate effectively and confidently, and we believe it can benefit you in the workplace too! 

Embrace It 

With more than 70 million people who stutter worldwide, there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are one of those people. By embracing your stutter and not being afraid to disclose it to others in the workplace, you will prevent a lot of potential miscommunications. The reality is that people will respect you for being open about your speech disorder and will likely listen more closely in future conversations. Besides, everyone likes knowing people are actually listening! 

Stand Up For Your Stutter 

There’s no reason to make other people guess about your speech disorder; instead, you should be the one to bring it up and own it! As a working professional with a speech impediment, you should be proud of the obstacles you’ve overcome. Do not hesitate to inform others about your speech disorder and let them know what they can do to communicate more effectively with you. 

SpeechEasy’s anti-stuttering device can help you enjoy communicating your thoughts, ideas, and feelings with those around you! 

Don’t Let It Be The Elephant In The Room 

There are various ways to tell others that you stutter or have another speech impediment, but it should never be the elephant in the room. Whether you choose to be straightforward or allude to your speech disorder, either way, you don’t have to worry about others visibly seeing your anti-stuttering device with SpeechEasy’s subtle earpiece.

We recommend being upfront about your speech disorder in the workplace, even when you are initially interviewing for a job. Since stuttering usually consists of repeating and prolonging sounds, interviewers may think you’re just nervous if you don’t disclose your speech impediment from the beginning. By being honest with potential employers, you can go ahead and let them know that your speech disorder doesn’t interfere with your performance in the workplace. 

SpeechEasy | Anti-Stuttering Device 

SpeechEasy’s earpiece for stuttering is a small, wearable device that can be used in everyday life so that you can carry on with business as usual. Our desire for our patients is for them to have the confidence to come forward and speak out confidently about their speech disorders. We hope that the tips we provided will help you normalize speech disorders throughout your workplace and will help you be even more successful communicating in the future! 

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