Stuttering affects over 70 million people worldwide with the majority admitting to seeking outside stuttering help. To many, this is resolved with speech therapy. This route is often costly, in both the time needed to see results and the financial commitment involved. Understandably, this approach is less than desirable for all. In fact, many seek the assistance of anti-stuttering or stuttering prevention devices on their quest for the best stuttering help.

Anti Stuttering Device vs. Speech Therapy

Hypothetically, the only treatment for stutterers’ auditory processing abnormality is an altered auditory feedback device. No speech therapy is known to correct this abnormality. Many people overcome stuttering by treating other factors. Using an anti-stuttering device in conjunction with other therapies may make the other therapies easier, faster, and more effective. If so, you’ll then need your anti-stuttering device less and less.

Even if you have success with speech therapy and can talk fluently in most situations, there will be a few situations in which you stutter. E.g., you may want an anti-stuttering device for public speaking. Keeping an anti-stuttering device plugged into your telephone can be an easy way to do speech therapy. If the device produces carryover fluency, after a few calls your speech may be improved for the rest of the day. Many states provide telephone-compatible anti-stuttering devices for free!


Types of Stuttering Help Devices

  • MAF – Masking Auditory Feedback
  • DAF – Delayed Auditory Feedback
  • FAF – Frequency-Shifted Auditory Feedback


Best Devices for Stuttering help


Still the smallest fluency device on the market, selling over 10,000 units since our launch. A device that allows it’s users to take control of their fluency. These devices are often worn like hearing aids and alter auditory feedback and frequency shifts.


Casa Future Technologies

Primarily focusing on clinical and home practice use, this device also offers success on telephone calls. This particular device qualifies for state provided funding for over 15 states.



Receiving approval by medical aids and the medical system in South Africa and the UK, this device is helping those with speech disorders on the global scale!


Apps and Software that offer Stuttering Help

There are also multiple different apps and software that can be used for anti-stuttering help, below are a few of our favorites!

If you’re experiencing issues with stuttering, don’t get discouraged! There are multiple apps and devices that can be customized to fit your needs. At SpeechEasy our trained speech pathologists can help you find the best device to help you gain control of your speech! Contact us today to get started!

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