When entering the workforce, having a stutter may appear to be a drawback. However, due to the need to compensate for the disability, experts have found that individuals who stutter are incredibly driven and diligent workers. Stutterers are capable of achieving great success in any line of business. Individuals that stutter are recognized to be quick learners who strive for excellence. These qualities that stem from being a stutterer can become a great attribute when seeking employment. However, if you are trying to stop stuttering, individuals may find it challenging without seeking proper treatment. Stuttering is a neurological impairment that can be treated with a speech therapist, psychologist, or anti stuttering device.

What is a Stuttering Device?

A stuttering device is designed to assist people in ****stop stuttering by improving the recipient’s capacity for successful communication. A stuttering device enables you to hear your voice with a slight delay and at a different pitch. SpeechEasy discovered a method to replicate the “choral effect.” This phenomenon occurs naturally by delaying sound and pitch change. As a result, experts have found that the choral effect may decrease or even eradicate your stutter. Our devices are designed to be worn comfortably so that you may participate in daily activities while improving your stutter.

What is the Best Stuttering Device for You?

SpeechEasy offers four types of anti stuttering devices which will be discussed with a specialist to find the best option and fit for you.

Comfort Fit (CF)

  • Reduces background noise
  • Natural sound passage

Completely in Canal (CIC)

In The Canal (ITC)

  • Excellent price-to-size ratio
  • accessible volume control

Behind The Ear (BTE)

  • Very durable anti stuttering device
  • Beneficial for those with dexterity issues

Stop Stuttering with our Anti Stuttering Devices | SpeechEasy

With the help of a qualified specialist and our stuttering devices, SpeechEasy is here to help you stop stuttering. SpeechEasy providers are all state-licensed, ASHA-certified Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs). All SpeechEasy providers are trained and qualified to assist stuttering clients during treatment. We work to support those who struggle with this condition and want our clients to find their voice. Visit our website or contact us today for more information regarding our anti stuttering device.

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