What is Stuttering

Stuttering, or disfluency, is nothing more than a disruption of the normal patterns of speech. Stuttering can take many forms, including the repetition of a sound, the prolonging of certain noises, or an omission can occur in the form of a stop. These are common for children between 2 to 5.


Many parents become anxious when they find their little ones stuttering. This is not an immediate cause for concern. Consider a young child first learning to formulate words. This learning process often involves slowly and methodically sounding out noises unfamiliar to the child. It is extremely common to repeat syllables or to come up short when searching for certain sounds. Imagine teaching a child to read. It is a universal practice to instruct the child to “sound the word out.” This idea results in a non-continuous, staccato flow of words. Now, apply that same idea to learning to speak. The child’s brain is working to piece together sounds. Speaking smoothly and clearly takes practice. This issue is most common in boys and manifests typically in ages between 18 and 24 months, but can be considered normal until age 5.

When to Take Action

Studies show that roughly 60% of people who are diagnosed with a serious stutter have family with the same condition. It can be difficult to diagnose as a long term issue. There are some symptoms that can indicate a long term problem. Tension and struggle in the facial muscles during speech should raise a red flag. A strange rise in pitch during repetition can signify a serious issue. There are 2 major behaviors that can mean there is a long term problem. These include obvious external effort to form words and the avoidance of using certain words or speaking all together. If there is a concern that a child may need treatment, it is wise to schedule an appointment with your general care practitioner. They will refer the parents to a specialist called a Speech-Language Pathologist. The treatment regimen focuses on training and getting parents the resources they need to help their children cope with and get past their stuttering.


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