Stuttering is a condition that arises due to physiological factors in children. They may have difficulty moving their lips and tongue, incapability to control speech organs muscles, neuromuscular complications, and obstruction within the speech organs. Practicing some exercises may help lower the intensity of the child’s stutter as they provide strength to speech organs like the tongue, trachea, lips, jaw, and lungs. 


The pausing technique consists of teaching the child to pause during sentences by pausing after the first word of a sentence, followed by pauses after 2-3 words. This exercise helps teach the child to pause after a few words rather than in the middle of a given word. Practicing this exercise once a day can help the child decrease stuttering and remain comfortable while speaking. 

Jaw Technique

Ask the child to open their jaw as wide as they can without exerting themselves too hard. Have them hold the position and lift their tongue to the roof of their mouth, using the tongue’s tip. They should continue touching the roof of their mouth with the tip of their tongue and move the tip towards the back of the mouth. Ask them to hold the position for a few seconds. Next, ask the child to stretch their tongue out of their mouth as if they were trying to touch their chin. Ask them to hold this position for a few seconds as well. Go through this exercise four to five times every night.

Loud Vowel Pronouncement

Have the child pronounce each vowel, from A to E, I, O, and U, clearly and audibly. They should be very articulate and may even distort their face while pronouncing the vowel sounds.

Drink Through a Straw

This oral exercise helps stuttering because drinking through a straw requires the tongue to remain in a strategic position that is important for speech. If your child has a stutter or other speech challenge, it is not recommended for them to use pacifiers. 


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