In a world of misconceptions, the facts about stuttering are becoming increasingly difficult to decipher. A great deal has been said and assumed about what causes stuttering and who is most prone to stuttering. Factors such as age, gender, and more can be driving forces in a person’s stutter. Understanding the facts about these factors can help prepare you for future interactions with those who may be affected by a stutter.

Who is affected by stuttering?

Stuttering is a widespread disability that affects a wide variety of people. The facts about stuttering show that five percent of children develop some stuttering between the ages of two and five. This development can last for a short time with most recovering a stutter within 3-5 years of the first stutter. However, in some cases, the effects of stuttering continue well into the person’s adulthood. This is especially true in males as they are more likely to suffer from a stutter both in adolescence as well as adulthood. In total there are over 70 million people worldwide with 3 million in the United States alone that suffer from stuttering.

Why are people affected by stuttering?

There are a variety of factors that can affect a person leading them to stutter. While some are biological and neurological others can stem from the nurture they receive and the world around them. Biologically, stuttering can come from a person’s genetics. This means the gene that causes stuttering could be or have been passed down for generations. A person’s development is also a major factor in their stutter. How an adolescent grows and develops can affect their speech and potentially lead to an impediment or stutter. In these cases using a stuttering ear piece can be extremely beneficial. Furthermore, as a child develops the world around them can lead them to suffer from a traumatic event leading them to stutter. This can be a result of a variety of momentary or long-term traumas including physical issues such as a stroke or emotional issues such as neglect from loved ones.

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