Stuttering is a common issue throughout the world. While stuttering isn’t often publicized in our society, some of our most beloved celebrities battle stutter in their personal lives. While you may have never known that certain celebrities have needed stuttering assistance in their professional lives, the following celebrities have openly shared their experience with the world

Elvis Presley- Elvis may have been the king of rock and roll, but did you know he struggled with words beginning with W and I?

Joe Biden- The current United States president, Joe Biden openly addressed his battle with stuttering during his presidential campaign.

King George- Stuttering has no limit on who it can affect. King George of England openly suffered from an extreme case of stuttering. His efforts to overcome this issue is the premise of a wildly famous movie “The King’s Speech”.

Tiger Woods- Growing up Tiger Woods, a world-renowned golfer, took stuttering assistance classes to help overcome his juvenile stutter.

Samuel L. Jackson- As an award-winning actor, Samuel Jackson has suffered from issues with his stutter for years. According to a Vanity Fair interview, it was his iconic saying that helps him overcome his stutter.

Emily Blunt- While she may be able to convey a consistent speech pattern throughout her monologues in a variety of accents, Emily has openly conveyed her battle with stuttering that she has suffered since childhood.

Kendrick Lamar- Grammy awards, Pulitzer Prize, and a variety of other awards make Kendrick one of the most decorated rappers of the current generation. However, even though Kendrick is artistically gifted he has openly spoken on his struggles with stuttering and how music helps him cope.

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