While the holidays might still be months away, they’ll be here before we know it. From dinner parties to early mornings with family, be ready for anything with SpeechEasy! Our electronic speech devices can help wearers overcome their stutter and speak more fluently. Keep reading to learn more about how we can help you live and speak better!

Perfect for Small Talk or a Big Speech

Whether it’s storytime or you’re giving a toast at Thanksgiving dinner, SpeechEasy can help you articulate your words and speak with confidence! With the use of the “choral effect,” SpeechEasy users are able to reduce their stutter and control their speech with ease. We even have different models and devices to try to make sure that your choice is the best for you and your lifestyle.

Here at SpeechEasy, we have just what you need to speak with confidence and feel more like yourself. You can visit our website to view our products or speak with an expert just in time for the holiday season!

The Best of Both Worlds: Discreet and Comfort That Lasts

No matter which device you use, we guarantee comfort that lasts all day. We’ve mastered the art of creating the perfect combination of comfort and function.

We have four different electronic speech devices to choose from. The Comfort Fit device can help reduce background noise, allow for natural sound passage, and can be purchased immediately from Premier Providers! The Completely In Canal is our smallest and most discreet device. Our In The Canal device may be small, but it’s mighty! It also allows for easy volume control. Our Behind The Ear device is durable and great for those that have trouble with dexterity, but it is our largest device.

Each device also comes with a workbook and follow-up appointment, quality accessories and products, a trial period, and a warranty to give you peace of mind. Our professionals want to make sure that the decision you make is beneficial for you! This time of the year is the best time to check out our devices. You’ll have them just before the holidays and become comfortable with the product before they roll around. They make great gifts and can help when meeting with the family again.

SpeechEasy | Speech Fluency Device

Not only are our devices easy to use and effective, but you can also opt into a payment plan. Everyone deserves to speak with confidence and ease. Let us help you be the best version of yourself with our electronic speech devices today!

Summer SpeechEasy savings: $750 off Comfort Fit and CIC devices!