If you have a child who stutters, it may seem that if they would just slow down when speaking, stuttering would not be a problem. If you tell your child to speak in a different way, this may cause them to feel like they are not good at talking, and their self-esteem could suffer as a result. In order to deal with stuttering more effectively, follow these tips:

Talk About It

Stuttering should not be ignored; rather, it should be a topic that can be talked about openly and honestly. When no one talks about the difficulty, the child may begin to feel that their speech needs to be hidden. They might even think that their stutter is inaudible due to the avoidance reaction given by the parents. The child who stutters needs brief reassurance and emotional support. Talking with your child about their stutter will help them acknowledge that it is not a catastrophic issue and that you are there for support. 

Build Your Child’s Self Confidence

Increase the verbal praise that you give to your child. Express that you enjoy being with them, talking to them, and are happy with who they are. Provide opportunities for your child to engage in the things they do well, and don’t force things that they struggle with. 

Increase Tolerance for Dysfluencies

When speaking to your child who stutters, you might become distracted by repeated words or syllables or blocks. Practice learning to focus on what your child is saying rather than how they are saying it. By responding to what your child is saying and not constantly pointing out the dysfluencies, your child will feel that they are valued as a communicative speaker. 


Confidence is key when it comes to stuttering, so utilize these strategies to build your child’s confidence and make them feel valued. To learn more about stuttering and how to cope with it, visit our website. Our team of licensed Speech-Language Pathologists can help you understand the stutter, and how to live with it. Interested in one of our Speech Easy devices? Learn more on our website and call today for an appointment!

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