If you struggle with stuttering, you may find it challenging to conversate with others and wonder how to fix a stutter. You could find yourself repeatedly saying the same phrases or feeling as though they are caught in your throat. SpeechEasy offers stammering devices to help you overcome your stuttering disability. Our mission is to provide children and adults an opportunity to verbally communicate with others clearly and live confidently.

Types of Stuttering

Stuttering affects people of all ages, but it’s most commonly seen in children ages two through six. This is called Developmental Stuttering and may have multiple causes. If a stutter is acquired in adulthood this is called Adult-Onset Stuttering which can be caused by something like a stroke or brain injury. An even rare form of stuttering called psychogenic stuttering is caused by emotional trauma or other issues in the brain or with reasoning. There are many ways to help treat the stuttering disorder and improve your speech.

Children’s Treatment

Long-term stuttering may often be avoided with early expert therapy. When speaking with a child that struggles with stuttering, a parent or guardian should be patient, listen intently without interjecting, and follow up on the child’s development and emotions.

Stuttering Therapy

A Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is a common therapy method used for correcting a stutter. An SLP can utilize a variety of approaches with both children and adults, including breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, learning to speak more slowly, and dealing with anxiety difficulties. At SpeechEasy, we offer a great team of certified professionals to aid you in fixing stuttering.

Stammering Devices

Stammering devices are an effective tool to reduce or eliminate stuttering in children and adults. At SpeechEasy, we offer four auditory feedback devices to delay the speed of audible sounds and responses to help reduce stuttering in individuals. These medical devices are used to help the brain stimulate better communication.

How to Fix Stutter | SpeechEasy

Our goal at SpeechEasy is to bring a solution for those struggling with fluency disorders by using our speech devices. The four variants of SpeechEasy anti-stuttering devices are designed to address the requirements to help different stuttering issues. This is an effective method if you are seeking treatments for how to fix stutter. For more information about our stammering devices, please visit our website today.

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