While stuttering is often an agreed-upon issue that requires human decency to handle, whether or not it is a disability is often a debated topic. Different organizations treat stuttering differently depending on the information they have on hand. However, the myths about stuttering, have at times overshadowed scientific research and accepted theories leading to an industry-wide consensus. Understanding these myths and why the ADA recommends stuttering to be identified as a disability is crucial to solving this debacle.

Stuttering is Not a Physical Problem

One of the most debated myths about stuttering is whether or not stuttering is a physical or psychological issue. It is often thought that stuttering stems from psychological issues that can be easily “thought-away”. These issues include anxiety, stress, or just plain nervousness. While in some cases these psychological factors can be a factor, generally they aren’t the root cause. In fact, these psychological responses can be consequences stemming from the mind’s response to stuttering itself. Neglecting or merely overlooking stuttering as a true issue can increase these responses in the affected person causing the issue to actually worsen, especially during their adolescence.

Stuttering is Not a Cognitive Issue

Stuttering is also often thought to be a cognitive issue. People who stutter have been looked at as less than in certain cases, while that can not be further from the truth. While these myths about stuttering leave some viewing people who stutter as having a low IQ, famous authors, musicians, and scientists prove this to be incorrect. While stuttering is an issue that needs to be overcome, studies have shown that there is no direct correlation between a person’s intelligence and stuttering.

SpeechEasy and Fluency Disorder

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