Stuttering is a speech disorder that can impact people of all ages. Most of those who stutter are children, and they tend to grow out of it when they become adults. However, 25% of those children retain their stutter through adulthood. It involves tripping over certain words, repeating syllables, sounds, or words, and interrupting themselves. It can impact the way a person communicates with others and can cause the speaker to have lower self-esteem and confidence. You can use certain things like speech devices and therapy to get help for stuttering, but you can also try a few at-home methods to practice speaking better.

Slow Down

It might be impressive to talk fast while also articulating your words, but sometimes, it’s best to slow down so you can be understood better. A lot of people stutter when presenting because most people naturally talk fast when in front of a large group. They do this so they can get through the presentation faster. However, this can easily be avoided if you practice slowing down deliberately. Noticing when you’re talking fast and slowing yourself down can lower the chance of stuttering.

Practice Speaking

While it might seem strange to practice something most people have been doing since they were a baby, it can really help with word pronunciation, talking to others with confidence, and volume control. You can practice by saying tongue twisters, making speeches in the shower or in the mirror, or even talking to pets.

Record Yourself

You can use recording devices like phones to record yourself while you speak. Like a football player watching videos of their own plays to get better, you can listen to yourself speak to learn your habits and correct bad ones. Getting help for stuttering can happen whenever you’d like with this method! Just put your phone on record mode and you can practice in the car or at home.

Practice Mindfulness

Meditation can help you clear your head and calm down. It can also help you control your emotions and lower your avoidance strategies. Mindfulness can include yoga or getting a breath of fresh air with a walk outdoors. You can also ease your mind by revitalizing your senses by doing things such as petting a soft animal, smelling candles or flowers, looking at pretty scenery, listening to calming and relaxing music, and drinking tea.

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