It’s that time of the semester again, as we get closer to midterms, it’s normal to be nervous about your exams and presentations. When you have a speech disorder, doing a class presentation can seem intimidating. That’s why the team at SpeechEasy electronic speech devices wants to share four tips to gain confidence and have a great midterm presentation.

Avoid Difficult Words

When writing your flashcards, be sure to avoid words that are difficult to say. The key here is to make the process as simple as possible by choosing words that you already know. Although some difficult words are unavoidable in a certain subject, it’s crucial to practice them ahead of time for better speech delivery.

Manage Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a common feeling when presenting to your class. The best way to prevent anxiety is by practicing what you are going to say the day before. Additionally, taking breaks in between slides is beneficial to let your tongue rest. SpeechEasy electronic speech devices explain that taking a moment to pause will also help you manage stress while keeping you focused.

Mistakes Are Okay

Give yourself credit! It’s hard enough to do a presentation, but it’s even harder to do it with a speech disorder. Every presenter has mispronounced a word and even forgotten about their subject. In these situations, it’s important to not lose your focus and push through your mistakes.

Trust Electronic Speech Devices

Electronic speech devices are often overlooked, however using a device that helps you with your speech disorder can be life-changing during your college years. SpeechEasy is a device that will improve fluency and complement traditional speech therapy. At SpeechEasy, one of our professionals will have an appointment with you to perform a thorough evaluation and help you decide what device works best for you.

SpeechEasy | Speech Fluency

Our mission is to break the language barrier through our electronic speech devices that are similar to hearing aid. SpeechEasy comes in four different models that you can choose from based on your lifestyle. Let us help you through your journey and learn more about our electronic speech devices on our website.

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