When you are constantly working so hard to overcome your worries about stuttering, you can sometimes forget the positive side of things. People who stutter want to feel good about their daily speaking interactions; we don’t want stuttering to hold us back. Look on the bright side:

Personal Development-Oriented

People who stutter strive to break free from the limitations that stuttering may bring. It is a goal to change the way we allow our stutter to affect us. We strive to hit milestones every day, whether it be voluntarily raising our hand to speak in class, getting through a presentation, answering the phone confidently, or holding eye contact during a conversation. We constantly aim to better ourselves.


Stuttering makes most of us humble. The deep feelings within us make love and compassion rise to the surface. We understand that everyone has their internal struggles, whether they show it or not. In the end, being recognized for your kindness is much more rewarding than being remembered for your power.

Small Triumphs

A person who stutters will experience small wins over stuttering, bringing waves of joy. You may feel as if there is some aspect of stuttering that you will never overcome, so when you do, you gain a new sense of freedom. You will learn that it’s all about the little things.

Making Friends

People who stutter have a deep cause for making friends; you instantly feel a closeness with someone else who also stutters that you rarely feel with others who do not. National Stuttering Association conferences are a great place to meet other people who stutter.

Facing Fear

People who stutter experience fear often. We often feel apprehensive about what is to come or remember negative experiences from the past. However, we have the ability to face those fears and achieve success. Facing our fears helps us break free from the limitations that stuttering can bring.


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