While the pandemic is currently allowing students to remain in classes, the threat to have in-person learning is still present. With that being the case, SpeechEasy wants to share remote learning tips to help your child enhance their learning experience from home. Learning from home and stuttering therapy can be done, and it can be fun and nurturing for your child! Read on to learn more about our top stuttering assistance tips to help your child’s experience.speech device | SpeechEasy

Promote Open Communication

It’s important to make sure that you have a safe space available for your child to discuss how they’re handling the transition. Being there to listen to your child with an open mind and incorporating active listening skills can make a difference in your child’s success with their stuttering assistance journey. Our speech device experts recommend asking your child what it’s like to stutter. They understand how it feels, and explaining how they feel, how they think, and how they stutter can help you better understand how to best help them in their stuttering assistance.

Learn From Adults With a Stutter

There are a plethora of resources in the form of podcasts, YouTube videos, and social media that can help you to better understand your child’s stutter. By supporting the stutter and speech impediment community through listening to their voices, you can better understand the experience of your child.

Enjoy Communication

Allow for free-flowing conversation between you and your child. Our speech device experts recommend allowing them to discuss whatever they’d like, whether it be a hobby, a show, or whatever else they would like. Simply enjoy the conversation while focusing on the content. Make an effort to show them that fluency is not the only thing that matters. What your child has to say is much more important than how fluently they can say it! By supporting them, they may grow in confidence and feel more comfortable coming to you when they are feeling less motivated. Always take the time to provide encouragement!

Read Together

Take advantage of the time at home for more guided readings together. Focusing on books that exhibit bravery, strength, and characters that face adversity may help them boost their confidence. This may help make your child feel more supported in their stuttering assistance journey. By reading books with leading characters such as these, your child may be influenced to open up about their own adversities that they face. This allows you to better understand their feelings and needs.

SpeechEasy | Speech Device

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