February 3, 2021, is World Read Aloud Day, a day dedicated to bringing people together through stories. SpeechEasy, the leading provider in an earpiece for stuttering, loves the idea of finding an audience and reading aloud confidently! People with speech disorders may not be eager to read aloud, but SpeechEasy is here to help our patients speak freely and without fear. Here are some tips on how to work with your child to develop the skills he or she needs to read aloud: 

Encourage them to love books. 

We know many children’s favorite pastimes may not be reading, but just like the nun proclaimed in Elf, “the children love the books!” A common reason children may not love reading is because they believe it’s boring, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Think about what your child is interested in, maybe dinosaurs for your son or dance for your daughter, and buy books based on those topics.

Another obstacle to children reading is they think it’s hard, especially for those with speech disorders. However, SpeechEasy’s earpiece for stuttering can help children overcome this obstacle. The earpiece is worn in one ear and is similar in appearance to a hearing aid. Most importantly, it is proven to reduce stuttering through combining technology and techniques. 

Read it again, again, and again. 

Repetition is key when it comes to having your child read aloud. Having your child read the same story multiple times will help them learn the language on a deeper level over time. Reading the story will become like second nature to your child, and they will gain confidence going forward in reading other books. 

Make it interactive. 

Who doesn’t love a picture book? Picture books can still provide an enriching experience for children, and they tend to be more engaging. When your child is reading aloud, have them point to pictures and talk about them. This not only helps them exercise their speech further, but it also holds their attention for longer. 

It’s also okay to choose books with rhymes and songs! Remember you want reading aloud to be a fun experience for your child. Picking books like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star allows your child to put a little rhythm in their read-aloud time. 

SpeechEasy | World Read Aloud Day 

A study done by Scholastic shows that more than 80% of both kids and parents love or like read-aloud time because they consider it a special time spent together. Having your child read aloud to you is a win-win as a parent: the two of you are bonding and you’re promoting your child’s development. At SpeechEasy, we support World Read Aloud Day and encourage parents to do the same. Contact us today to determine if SpeechEasy’s earpiece for stuttering can make reading aloud more enjoyable for your child!

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