Stuttering can happen to anyone. However, studies show that men are four times more likely to develop a stutter than women. These stutters can lead men to become self-conscious and suffer from threatened masculinity. This psychological and emotional trigger can cause long-lasting damage if not addressed. Using an anti stuttering device along with regular therapy, a stutter can be managed to reduce the effect on a man’s masculinity.


Masculinity means different things to different people. Specific characteristics that define masculinity that are common in the eyes of society include strength, intelligence, and perseverance. It’s these traits that can be affected by a stutter. A stutter can make a man feel weak or less than, which can lead them to portray weak masculinity back out to society. While society is changing its views on what masculinity actually means the current common view of stuttering doesn’t align with what is expected out of a man.

Stigmas Of Stuttering

Stuttering comes with a variety of stigmas. Whether it’s just an attention ploy or that a person who stutters just isn’t smart, these untrue stigmas can affect a man’s personal view of themselves. These stigmas can also affect how others view a man’s masculinity. A man who stutters may be seen as unintelligent, or unable to handle themself. As stuttering is commonly connected to stress-related trauma, stuttering can cause a man to fall into the stigma of being mentally weak. However, this statement isn’t true. In fact, the opposite is closer to the truth. Mental strength is required to learn to use delayed auditory feedback and to regularly take part in speech therapy.

SpeechEasy | Anti Stuttering Device

Our mission at SpeechEasy is to provide a breakthrough of issues stemming from stuttering through our delayed auditory feedback that are resemble hearing aids. SpeechEasy devices come in four different models that are tailored to meet the needs of different stuttering styles and challenges. Allow SpeechEasy to help you or your child regain confidence today. Visit our website or contact us today for more information regarding our electronic anti stuttering device.

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