As Halloween approaches, many parents want to ensure that their children have an enjoyable trick-or-treating time. For many people is difficult to understand the barriers a child who is still learning to talk has when it comes to social events such as Halloween. However, SpeechEasy speech devices suggest taking Halloween as an opportunity to practice speech fluency and therapy with your little ones while having fun.

Do Take Them Trick or Treating

When you have a speech-impaired kid, trick or treating may sound intimidating. Prepare your child for a Halloween night out by explaining what will happen before trick or treating. Start by giving them a timeline of the events, such as wearing a costume, knocking on other people’s doors, and practicing to say ‘thank you’ when receiving the treats. Additionally, let your little one be surrounded by a group of people that they know, whether it’s their siblings or neighborhood friends, make them feel at comfort.

Read Them a Halloween book

Choose a Halloween book ideal for their age and introduce a new vocabulary in a more entertaining way. You can make it fun by interpreting the book with dramatic sounds and signs that complement your reading. Remember that reading them a book will develop their vocabulary, speech fluency, and comprehension with a speech device.

Halloween Snack

Halloween is all about the candy! However, it’s always best to make your own snacks at home and it’s even better when your kids help you out. Some of the most popular spooky snacks are mummy roll-ups, chocolate ghost cookies, and mini cheese monsters. Making a Halloween snack can help with your kid’s social skills and expressive language.

Pumpkin Painting

Crafts are a creative way to help your child develop language skills while having fun. Children don’t see arts and crafts as learning, they are just enjoying the moment. Pumpkin painting is the perfect Halloween craft to do with your little one because they can practice their speech fluency by learning sequencing and following directions.

SpeechEasy | Practicing Speech Fluency on Halloween

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