Psychogenic stuttering, also known as functional stuttering, is a type of stuttering that is caused by psychological or emotional factors rather than a physical speech disorder. SpeechEasy, the leading speech stuttering therapy provider, understands how speech disorders can impact the quality of one’s life. Let’s take a closer look at the causes and symptoms of Psychogenic Stuttering.


Psychogenic stuttering is not uncommon and can affect people of all ages. It is often misdiagnosed as a physical speech disorder because the symptoms are similar. One of the main features of psychogenic stuttering is that it is often intermittent, meaning it may come and go or vary in severity over time. It may be more pronounced in certain situations, such as when the person is under stress or speaking in front of an audience. It is important to understand the underlying causes and seek appropriate speech stuttering therapy treatment.


There are several theories about the causes of Psychogenic Stuttering, but it is not fully understood. Some experts believe that it may be related to past trauma or stress, while others believe that it may be a coping mechanism for underlying emotional issues.


Treatment for psychogenic stuttering typically involves a combination of therapy and medication. SpeechEasy’s stuttering earpiece device can help individuals learn techniques to manage stuttering and improve their communication skills, while medication may be used to address any underlying emotional issues. It is important for individuals with psychogenic stuttering to seek treatment as soon as possible, as the condition can have a significant impact on their daily lives.

Negative Impacts of Psychogenic Stuttering:

  • Social isolation
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty in work or school settings
  • Social anxiety
  • Depression

Let Our Speech Stuttering Therapy Experts Help

If you or someone you know is dealing with a stutter, it is important to seek a professional evaluation to determine the cause and appropriate treatment. The speech stuttering therapy experts at SpeechEasy will offer guidance and effective treatment options for your condition. Don’t let stuttering hold you back. With the right support, you can overcome this challenge and improve your communication skills. To learn more, visit our website.

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