There are many preconceived notions about stuttering that many people who don’t stutter do not understand. Those who do not stutter likely have many questions, or maybe they are just wondering how to handle certain situations. Let us clear the air:

It’s Not Nerves

Everyone can trip over their words a bit when they get nervous, whether it be during a presentation, a job interview, or just talking to someone new. People who have a real stuttering problem, however, also stutter during calm, everyday conversations. The effort to get words out may make the speaker feel anxious and the staccato nature of their speech can give the impression that they are nervous. But this does not mean that we are simply nervous people who experience anxiety when talking to others.

It’s Neurological

Stuttering is neurological, not psychological. Some people assume that it is psychological because the speech production problem stems from the brain. This does not mean that it’s all in our minds.

Slowing Down Isn’t The Cure

We understand that people are just trying to help when they give us suggestions such as “slow down” or “take a deep breath.” For those who have a real stuttering problem, these techniques are not helpful. We are thankful for your good intentions, though!

Don’t Finish Sentences

Finishing someone’s sentence makes it seem like getting to the end of the sentence is more important than listening to the person who is speaking. You probably don’t like for people to finish your sentences, and neither do we! Be patient and let us finish.

Telephones Are Scary

In real life, you can see when a person who stutters is trying to talk, even if no sound comes out at that moment. When there is silence on our end of the line, the other person sometimes doesn’t understand what is happening. They may think we have a bad signal or that their phone isn’t working correctly. When someone repeats “Hello? Hello?” it sometimes raises tension and puts more pressure on us to get the sound out.


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